How to Dssolve Your Debt

How to get out of DEBT. 

1.STOP! STOP! Spending money you don’t have. If you keep using cards to pay for stuff you also have to figure out how am I going to pay for it when the payment is due. Minimal¬† payments will keep you in DEBT for the rest of your life. This money that you send out each month in some cases could be a real nice car payment or even another house some were making you money. Your credit score is only as good as you make it. If you want to get rid of some cards Don’t. If you start small and pay off the smallest ones first that will put more money back in you pocket which will help from charging more towards next month. If you cancel cards it will put a negative on your credit score, I know from first hand. My score dropped from a 700 to 600 because I needed to get rid of some cards. Wrong! Take the cards and put them away and really try and not use them.

2. Getting into debt is so easy. You see it, you want it, you charge it. Then the process starts all over until you reach your limit. So now you get another card and the same thing happens. Now you have two cards maxed out and the payments are due on the two and now you need some real stuff, car repair, washer/ dryer breaks, A/C goes out and the list goes on and on ! So you need another card so you don’t loose any of the stuff you charged from before and the cycle is repeated.

3. I have a handyman service and I have a really big base and one of the lady,s needed some work done on her house and while there she told me that she was in a bind with her cards and didn’t know how she was going to make the payments. While there I go through the garage to get in and out. She has a pile along one wall,and I mean a pile of unopened boxes from eveywere. She saw it, wanted it, charged it. When I got back inside I told her just return some of the pile. I got her in contact with my daughter who does this kind of work. She goes through the pile with you and sortes and helps you sent stuff back, and she is really good at it. Now the lady has taken the pile and reduced it by a lot. IF YOU DON’T NEED IT SEND IT BACK!

4. I am telling you this is where I am again. I am maintaining what I have and now looking for ways to get out of debt again. WA is going to work for me. I am trying to get all this stuff crammed into my head. I have ran into a problem, I have 68 years of other stuff in front of it.

5.Now you need to get out. Working is not going to do it. You are sitting, standing, driving (stop that). You can read! You understand English! You can type! SO what, you need to take action. STOP messing around, get to a place where you can start using a part of your brain to get you and I mean you to a better place. Time is the problem. You don’t have all the time in the world, your time on this earth is really limited. You get one shot, every day you don’t react means you are one day closer to check out time. Myself, I am from another temporal time zone. ( TO MUCH STAR TREC). Anyway this is a starting point. Only you can do this. You are almost or are underwater now, let us at Wealthy Affiliates help you into the boat. Join here to start on an adventure of a life time!¬† Join us Now! Did You Do It! How About Now! I Am Still Waiting! Thank You! Now was that so hard!

6.Here is another place to look at. This place has a lot of good stuff. It cost money. Look at it.