Is It Just Me

Hi Its Just Me;

My name is James, I live in Florida. My wife Pamela and I have been real lucky, we scoured on a house that needed us. We live a simple life, I work hard and mess up a lot. Money has been at the fore front for most of our 47 years. We have had a lot of highs and lows. We took a trashed house and on a shoestring we managed to bring it back to life. That is the way we do it. I am lets get’r done, don’t care about what it cost I’ll make it up later. Making it up latter seems to come sooner than latter. This is when I get into trouble. Pamela on the other hand wants to know how am I going too pay for it. Don’t worry I got this. “RIGHT” Our friends made a joke about me and our money. “What do mean I am out of money I still have CHECKS” So that’s is my game plan live now and pay later with money I don’t have. Is there anyone out there that lives like this or am I the only one! This is why I am reaching out to you to see if my path might help you get you back to center and maybe just maybe get ahead of the game. What do you think!